Elon Musk shows off "any song, any time" Easter Egg in Tesla's Model S

I can't honestly say that I recall the Tesla Model S being an Internet connected vehicle. The Model S is apparently connected to the Internet while in operation. At least that's the idea given by company CEO Elon Musk as he shows off a feature of the Model S to Bloomberg that I've never seen. Musk promises the vehicle will play any song you ask for at any time.

You might think that your Ford will play any song in your playlist, assuming your Ford is equipped with Sync. The catch with the Ford system and the other systems on other vehicles is that you have to have the music stored on the cars internal drive or on your iPod or other device attached the infotainment system. According to Musk, the Model S will reach out onto the Internet and get any song available without you having to connect an iPod.

Musk doesn't go into details of how the system works other than saying the car goes on the Internet and finds the music. That means it's unclear whether the car has its own internal Internet connection, or if it's connecting to a Wi-Fi connection inside the building, or if it's connecting to the Internet via a smartphone. One thing that is impressive about the system is that it appears to be very fast.

The delay between asking for song and the song being retrieved and played appears to be no longer than the delay on other systems finding a specific track on your iPod playlist. This is a really cool feature, it's too bad you have to spend hundred thousand dollars on a car to get it.

[via Bloomberg]