Elon Musk flames NYT review of Tesla Model S

Tesla CEO Elon Musk isn't happy at all with a recent review published in the New York Times of his company's Model S electric vehicle. The Model S is a high-performance four-door battery-powered sedan that has proven to be one of the better electric vehicles on the market. The Model S also happens to be a very impressive performance car despite its large size and lack of a standard engine.

Musk has taken issue with the New York Times story published last week because he says the story is inaccurate. New York Times reporter John Broder took a Model S on a trip where he claims to have completely charge the batteries and driven on cruise control at 54 mph. Broder says that the Model S lost charge and died before reaching his destination.

Broder specifically noted in the review that he charged the car until the display read "charge complete" and then drove conservatively. However, Musk says those claims are not accurate and he has logs from the car to prove it. Musk says that Tesla will publish the actual logs from the car Broder drove and the situation is not a he said she said, it's black and white fact.

Musk says that the car logs show that Broder did not charge the car to full capacity before leaving for his trip. The logs also allegedly show that the reporter took an unplanned detour through Manhattan while driving well above the posted speed limits, thereby reducing the range. Musk says that these actions reduced the driving distance of the car rather than the cold or any range issues with the Model S. Broder and the New York Times are standing by their story saying that it is completely factual.

[via CNET]