Elon Musk drops hints about future Tesla BMW 3-series competitor

Tesla has hit an undeniable home run with this Model S electric vehicle, despite the car's high cost. Tesla has created an attractive electric vehicle with an impressively long driving range that has wowed drivers and reviewers alike. The only downside to the vehicle is that a well-equipped version runs and the $100,000 range.

Recently Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter dropping some teasing details about a future electric vehicle that he and Tesla are dreaming up. Musk said, "It has always been my dream to produce a low cost, compelling electric car. We are 3 to 4 years away. Wish it could be sooner." That would put timeframe for Tesla's next electric vehicle at approximately 2016 to 2017.

Musk then answered another question when people were curious what sort of pricing Tesla was considering for its future electric vehicle. Musk tweeted in response to that question, "$30k in 2013 $." He also said that the new vehicle would have a 200+ mile range with some "really cool tech that we can't talk about yet."

I'd wager that really cool tech will be the hot-swappable battery packs that Tesla recently mentioned in an SEC filing or fast battery changing stations. Musk also tweeted that the vehicle would be about the size of the Audi A4 or BMW 3-series compared to the Model S being sized like the Audi A7 or BMW M5.

Musk even said that he thinks when we consider the savings the vehicle will give you in gasoline, that you can actually cross-shop a $30,000 Tesla EV with $25,000 gasoline-powered vehicles. Tesla could be right to assuming this future technology Musk isn't ready to talk about has something to do with making it quick and easy to recharge or swap battery packs at a low cost.

SOURCE: Forbes