Elliptic Labs touch-less interface

James Allan Brady - Feb 4, 2008

Using their rather unique monitor, you don’t even have to touch the screen to manipulate objects on it. You can just point, I know your mother always told you it wasn’t nice to point, but I don’t think you are going to hurt the monitor’s feelings any.

You can use your pointing finger from up to 5 feet away to navigate and move objects on the screen. The best part, for products designers and graphics artists, is that you can navigate in a 3D space, not just 2D.



There are no wires or sensors that connect you to the monitor, in fact, I have no idea how it works, and it just does. The company said that the tech is small enough they could, feasibly, in the future, stuff it into a cell phone. If you want to see more, they’ll be showing off the tech at the San Francisco GDC show this month.

[via technabob]

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