Elegant Phone for Businesses: Cingular 8125

This peace of sizzling hot news is for all those who have an arrangement or deal getting going with Cinglar. Cingular has just launched one of the most elegant phone for the business purpose. This new product is basically an upgraded version of the HTC wizard enabled with a variety of Microsoft's mobile phone products like Outlook, Excel, Power Point, Word, Internet Explorer. All these programs run on Windows mobile 5.0. The 8125 also has an entire Qwerty keypad that simplifies the process of typing and checking messages.

Its very light, weighing at a mere 5.3 ounces. It's a very easily attachable phone as all your usual connectivity alternatives are available on this phone. It has an in-built Bluetooth,   802.11 Wi-Fi, and a Mini SD expansion slot. It's equipped with a 1.3 mega pixel camera. However, at this point of time this PDA phone is available to Cingular's business and its business partners. So, the normal customer would have to wait for some more time to lay their hands on this new piece of technology. The corporate price tag for the 8125 is between $225 – $250 for a contract of 2 years.