Electronic stick-on notes make paper Post-its obsolete

Post-it and other sticky notes that you can quickly scribble a note on are great, and that's probably why they're not obsolete yet. Yes, you can set a reminder on your phone or tablet; it's easy to sweep those notifications away, though, and they're just not the same as a piece of yellow paper on your display or fridge. This could all change soon enough, though, thanks to the recent showcasing of an electronic sticky note powered by solar.

Researcher Tobias Große-Puppendahl recently published a video showing off the prototype of a solar-powered sticky notice that displays a note updated over Bluetooth from something like a phone or tablet. The display is of the e-ink sort, meaning it requires very little power and looks similar to paper.

The back of each note features a flexible solar panel, which harvests energy from ambient light. Whether you can refresh the image on the card depends on whether there's enough energy available, so you probably can't expect to update them once the evening or nighttime rolls around. When used as a sticky note, though, there's little reason to update the note frequently.

You can see how the electronic sticky notes were assembled and how notes are sent via the video above. In addition to being used as a possible note sticky, the low-resolution nature of the sheets makes for blocky high-contrast images — something the researcher says could also be used as a part of augmented reality system.

SOURCE: Gizmodo