Electrolux toaster design burns headlines onto bread

How would you like a toaster that can actually "print" the latest news on your bread? Not many people have a real desire for this sort of luxury, but that hasn't stopped Sung Bae Chang from designing the Scan Toaster.

Entered into an Electrolux design competition, the Scan Toaster connects to a PC by USB. Then, it can download news, weather reports, the time and more. There are modules inside of the toaster that heat up, just like a regular toaster would. The only difference is that these modules can move 30 degrees. So, once you select a news story you want printed, the modules will realign and then burn the image onto the bread.

This is just a design at the moment and there are no plans for the toaster to be manufactured for consumers. But this is really one of those items that makes you wonder what will they think of next?

[via Register Hardware]