Electrolux Pure i9 triangular robotic vacuum maps rooms in 3D

Electrolux is planning to launch a new robotic vacuum in the US market, one said to trump competing models in multiple ways. Called the Pure i9, this vacuum sports a triangular shape that better enables it to clean corners, for example. As with other robotic vacuums, the Pure i9 is equipped with a variety of sensors and software that enable it to analyze the environment around it. However, this model promises to take things up a notch with the use of 3D Vision.

In addition to Pure i9's triangular shape, this vacuum is equipped with a large external brush that sweeps debris out of corners and small spaces. The vacuum is capable of determining whether it can safety roll over or under any given object, and it uses 3D Vision to scan and map rooms in which it operates.

Electrolux says its robotic vacuum is careful around fragile items, such as a lightweight stand that might topple if a vacuum were to hit it. The model can also spot obstacles in a room and avoid them altogether. By scanning and mapping rooms in three dimensions, Pure i9 is able to map out the best cleaning path for any given room, optimizing its workflow.

The company claims that Pure i9 cleans up to 80-percent better than competing models; it offers demonstrations of this in the video above. Unlike some competitors, as well, this robotic vacuum is able to climb over thresholds up to 1-inch high, meaning it won't be stopped by dividers between wood and carpeted floors, for example.

The vacuum works with a companion mobile app that is used to manage the robot, including checking up on its status when away from home. When battery charge runs low, Pure i9 automatically returns to its charger to get a little more power before finishing a task. The vacuum is also able to adjust to different floor types, such as wood and carpet, automatically.

Electrolux Pure i9 is now available in the United States for $899 USD. Delivery will start in April.