Electro Power Systems launches ElectroSelf hydrogen fuel cell system

I for one have been looking forward to the day when my smartphone and notebook is powered by a fuel cell rather than by a rechargeable battery. With a fuel cell, a full recharge is as easy as filling the tank back up. A company called Electro Power systems has debuted a hydrogen fuel cell at MWC 2010 that is designed to power mobile networks for wireless carriers.

The system is designed to support mobile networks in any location be it off-grid or in locations with unreliable power. The system is self-contained and self-recharging. The only fuel the device needs is water and it produces no gas emissions. The device can be used as backup power or as mains power.

Each of the ElectroSelf device has two units measuring 600 x 800mm and needing no dedicated air conditioning. Power is produced when needed by combining hydrogen and oxygen with the only by product produced being water. The hydrogen fuel is produced by electrolysis of wastewater created from the power generation phase automatically when there is power.