Electrify America completes its cross-country D.C. to LA EV fast charging route

One of the issues that must be solved before electric vehicles can go mainstream is robust charging infrastructure. Electrify America is working on putting a brand agnostic charging infrastructure in place, including two electric vehicle fast charging cross-country routes in the United States. A second route across the country will be completed by September.Electrify America says that with the completion of its new route, EV owners can travel coast-to-coast using the largest open DC fast-charging network in the country. The new charging route spans 11 states and covers 2700 miles taking drivers from LA to Washington DC. The route travels across interstates 15 and 70 and offers high-power chargers with speeds of up to 350kW.

The electric vehicle charging stations are, on average, about 70 miles apart in metro areas and near highway routes located conveniently by shopping and dining facilities. The route running from LA to Washington is the first of two routes that Electrify America intends to install this year. The second route will run from the panhandle of Florida, starting in Jacksonville to San Diego.

Electrify America says that the second route will run along interstate highways starting near I-10 and finishing on I-8. From Interstate 95 and Portland to Miami, Florida. Another completed route on the West Coast runs along Interstate 5 from Seattle, Washington to San Diego.

Currently, Electrify America has more than 435 operational charging stations with over 1900 DC fast chargers. More than 100 additional sites are in development, with more than 300 of the completed charging stations near major highways to accommodate regional and cross-country travel. Electric vehicles that can charge at rates of up to 350kW will be able to recharge their batteries entirely very quickly.