Electric golf cart drag racing results in flipped driver

Brittany A. Roston - Jul 15, 2014
Electric golf cart drag racing results in flipped driver

Drag racing comes in many forms, but few of them involve the use of golf carts. Still, that hasn’t stopped some from decking the carts out with hardware until they’re only technically golf carts showcasing a nature more common to speed bikes or dragsters.

One such vehicle is the “Pro Mod” golf cart apparently called Shock Therapy, which according to Urban Hillbilly Action Videos, is based off of an electric dragster. The golf cart was being driven by driver Terry Hatfield, who can be spotted upside down in the image above

The Shock Therapy team has been trying to hit the 100mph mark, which they previously neared at 97mph. That’s not good enough, though, and so in the mission of hitting the big three-digits, the team has blown out a few motors and added extra torque in the process.

That extra torque is what ended up biting the team, causing the golf cart to kick up its front end and careen upside down. Driver Hatfield has reported that he is feeling sore, but that he is okay. The mission to set a world record is still underway.

SOURCE: Jalopnik

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