Elecom Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard Available In Japan Soon

If you happen to find yourself in Japan, and you're currently in dire straits looking for a wireless keyboard, then perhaps the Elecom Bluetooth wireless keyboard fits the bill. It's a standard, compact keyboard that features a small profile, and yet a full keyboard, making sure that your typing experience isn't compromised.

The keyboard is part of Elecom's TK-FDP021 series, and measures in at only 266.2mm x 127.1mm x 19.2mm. Considering it's a portable keyboard, one might imagine that they would need to carry around their mouse, too. That's not the case this time around, as the Elecom Bluetooth keyboard features an integrated trackball, as well as integrated left- and right-click mouse buttons. The trackball is located on the top-right of the keyboard, while the buttons are on the top-left.

The Elecom Bluetooth wireless keyboard comes in either a silver or black color, and both of them are available now for pre-order. The price? 13,280 yen. You can order one right now, and the suspected launch date is by the end of November, but the site does say that the official date could change.

[via Akihabara News]