Elecom Bluetooth 3.0 Laser Mouse Unveiled, Available Next Month

Evan Selleck - Nov 10, 2010
Elecom Bluetooth 3.0 Laser Mouse Unveiled, Available Next Month

Elecom is on a roll with wireless gadgets lately, especially those that take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity. After yesterday’s unveiling of their brand new Bluetooth wireless keyboard, featuring integrated left- and right-click mouse buttons and a trackball, this new wireless mouse seems to be the perfect addition. It’s part of Elecom’s M-BT6BL series, and if you like color options, the new mouse has them.

Of course, we should also point out that, just like the Bluetooth keyboard before it, this new mouse is scheduled to land in Japan well before it launches anywhere else. So, if you’re liking what you see, then you’ll have to make a trip to get your hands on it, at least for now. But, to get your hands on Elecom’s first Bluetooth 3.0 wireless mouse, it may be worth it, right?

Features wise, the mouse measures in at a small 74.3mm x 52.3mm x 33.4mm, and it weighs only 43g without any batteries installed. But, if you need to put batteries in it, you’ll need to find yourself a pair of AAAs. The mouse features 800/1600 DPI resolution, and it will be made available in Japan some time in December. You’ll be able to choose from red, white, or black.

[via Akihabara News]

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