Elecom adapter turns notebook power adapter into an outlet

Finding an empty plug in my office is sort of like striking gold. All my outlets are full and several of them have surge protectors plugged into surge protectors to power all my gear. Elecom has a new adapter called the AC Adapter Tap T-ACTAP22 that can help solve the plug dilemma for me.

The thing is so cool and simple, I am surprised that no one has done this before. I see enough notebooks in my line of work to know that the cord that runs from the wall to the AC adapter has the same connector to the adapter no matter the brand. The Elecom adapter has that same notebook port on one end in female and a male version of it on the other.

It simply plugs in between the power cord and the adapter and adds two two pin outlets and you can get the three pin style with the ground pin as well. Versions with one plug or two plugs are available. That means instead of losing one of your outlets, you can one. I don't know how much the things will cost, but I want a handful.