Elder Scrolls Online on PS4 sidesteps PS+, Xbox One gamers aren't so fortunate

Bethesda's oft-leaked and much-anticipated upcoming Elder Scrolls Online will be kinder to PlayStation 4 than Xbox One gamers, at least as far as subscription requirements are concerned. Today in a PlayStation blog post, ZeniMax Online Studios put concerns at ease, saying a PlayStation Plus subscription won't be required to play. Xbox One gamers aren't so lucky, however, according to a statement from Bethesda.

The console subscription concerns arose when it was revealed players will have to pay a game subscription fee, which could have ended up meaning double subscription fees for the upcoming game: one for the game itself and another for the console subscription, if required. As of today, PlayStation 4 owners can breathe easy.

The same can't be said for Xbox One owners, however. In a statement to Forbes following the PS4 announcement, Bethesda said those playing on Microsoft's console will require a gold subscription to play Elder Scrolls Online, meaning doubled-up subscription costs for those looking forward to the release.

The news isn't entirely surprising for those familiar with Xbox gaming and the frequent gold subscription requirements. Still, many gamers aren't happy with the news, essentially having to pay twice to play the same game. Elder Scrolls Online will be arriving this summer, and will also be available to PC and Mac gamers.

SOURCE: Forbes