Ekomini interactive bank helps kids learn to save

It can be very difficult to teach kids how to save money. I can't count the times my kids have been in a store wanting to spend their allowance and wanted something that was more expensive than what they had the money to buy. It's very hard to convince a child that they should save and get the bigger toy later rather than just spending what they have on that day.

A new interactive bank from a company called Ekomini has been unveiled that helps encourage kids to save their change. The bank connects to a computer via USB and has an integrated coin counter that knows what money is put into the bank and keeps a running total.

The bank requires an internet connection to work and connects kids to an online game world called EkominiVille where their real savings are turned into virtual money they can spend on the game world. They can invest their money, set savings goals, and share the virtual money. The bank runs on batteries and is washable with stickers for kids to decorate the bank. The device sells for CAD 39.99.

Via I4U News