Eking S700 is the world’s first E-notepad

Shane McGlaun - Oct 28, 2010
Eking S700 is the world’s first E-notepad

Eking has debuted a cool new product called the S700 that is billed as the world’s first e-notepad with dual input technology. It has both resistive touch control and electromagnetic induction touch control with integrated 3G.

The notepad looks like a paper notebook with a 7-inch screen and it has WiFi in addition to 3G capability. The device has many features and uses with support for web surfing, email, handwriting signatures, hand writing emails, document editing, GPS navigation, and more. It also supports IM and games.

To secure content saved on the S700 the tablet has fingerprint recognition for security and some sort of “military grade safety and privacy” system inside the notebook to prevent viruses and hackers from getting to data. One of the most interesting features that the S700 has is a color screen making it the first to use color in this sort of device. It also has a 3MP autofocus camera that can snap images of business cards and add the data to the contacts list of the tablet. Pricing and availability are both unknown.

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