eJOUX Concept Design Shows Electronic Jewelry is the Way of the Future

Evan Selleck - Dec 6, 2010
eJOUX Concept Design Shows Electronic Jewelry is the Way of the Future

Slapping electronic things on every day items, especially electronic things that move or offer shiny lights, seems to be the way the future wants to embrace those every day items, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Especially when it comes to every day items like jewelry, and it gets outfitted with a flexible display, where the owner is able to put anything they want on there, from moving images, to information about who’s calling you. That’s what the eJOUX electronic jewelry concept design is all about.

The pieces of jewelry are designed to fit around your wrist or neck, based on whether or not you prefer a bracelet or necklace. The concept, which was designed by Biju Neyyan, is meant to make sure that your normal bracelet is brought into the future. Thanks to a Bluetooth device, users will be able to upload images, dynamic wallpaper-like panoramic shots, or even allow the bracelet (or necklace) display what band you’re listening to, and which track.

There are other uses, too, including providing caller ID information, or text messages. The design is meant to incorporate that of a normal bracelet or necklace, and just implant some flexible display technology into it. The result would be a bracelet that feels like your regular old bracelet, but now has a feature- and color-rich flexible display on it.

[via Yanko Design]

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