EIN Cyber Heartbeat LED watch does not actually read your heartbeat

Japan has gotten another odd yet stylish device, this time it's in the form of an interesting watch. This watch does not use numbers or clock hands to tell what time it is, instead it uses a tiny electrocardiogram machine that doesn't appear to be readable at just a quick glance.

The EIN Cyber Heartbeat LED watch does not actually tell you what your heart rate is, that is all just the style of the device.  From looking at the instructions I can't even tell what time is being displayed by the dots. Unlike most watches, with this one you can elect to have the display on at all times, because the watch has built-in resuscitation capability.

In order to charge the watch all you have to do is plug it into a USB port and in an hour or two you will be ready to go. A single charge is suppose to give you 24 hours of constant illumination. If you just have to have one you can get them now in Japan for ¥25,200 or about $290 USD.