Egg-Bot Makes Painting Eggs Too Easy

There aren't many things out there that haven't been touched by the future yet. Painting Easter eggs, something that's been done for as long as anyone can remember, probably, was one of the last bastions of the "old days," but it looks like that's all over and done with. And while there's probably other robots out there painting eggs right now, this one you can bring into your house, and put together yourself. Yep, the Do-It-Yourself camp just got an Easter egg painter.

It's called the Egg-Bot, and it's specifically designed to paint Easter eggs. And while some of the fun in painting those things may be in the fact that they aren't perfectly designed, we imagine a few people out there (like those who enter their eggs into contests) might like to get their hands on something like this. As you can see in the picture, it does it so precisely that it can make your egg that perfect kind of plaid. If plaid is something you like, of course.

But, the Do-It-Yourself element comes int the fact that the robot itself is open source. You can purchase up the pieces, and put it together yourself, and get to cracking (not literally) on those eggs. With a little help from Egg-Bot, your eggs will be the coolest eggs on the block — maybe even your whole city.

[via Laughing Squid]