EFF launches Privacy Badger 1.0 browser extension

The EFF has launched a new browser extension that is designed to stop data collection via cookies and other hidden trackers when you surf the web. The new browser extension is called Privacy Badger 1.0 and it aims to keep you from being spied on as you surf the web. Privacy Badger has been available in alpha and beta forms for a while.

Those early version of the extension were downloaded by a quarter of a million people. The release version 1.0 of the extension blocks certain kinds of super-cookies and browser fingerprinting. Those are two of the newest ways that the tracking industry has devices to follow what you do online.

Privacy Badger 1.0 will detect cookies and other techniques used to track you that results in you seeing ads while you surf the web that reflect web searches you made in the past. It works along with the Do Not Track policy announced by the EFF recently.

The EFF says that its browser extension won't block third party companies that promise to honor DNT requests. When Privacy Badger 1.0 is installed, it will set the DNT flag for the user. Together with the DNT flag, Privacy Badger 1.0 is able to tell sites you don't want to be tracked, and stop them from tracking you if the site doesn't respect your wishes.