edelkrone SliderPLUS X and Motion Kit is made for midsize cameras

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 11, 2017, 5:36 pm CDT
edelkrone SliderPLUS X and Motion Kit is made for midsize cameras

Edelkrone has taken the wraps off its new SliderPLUS X and Motion Control system for mid-weight cameras, giving photographers and videographers a relatively simple way to get cinematic, smooth motion shots. According to the company, this is the smallest and ‘most portable’ 4-axis motion control system available, and it works in conjunction with a convenient mobile app. Through that app, operators can adjust focus, set film targets, manually slide the camera, and more.

Edelkrone is a company that focuses on making devices for filmmakers, and it has updated its SliderPLUS product to the new SliderPLUS X. This works in conjunction with the new Motion Kit, a highly portable 4-axis motion control system for cameras that is programmable for a variety of situations. The system can be used to record smooth video slides, capture time lapses, and creature stop motion videos.

SliderPLUS X rounds out the previous product with refined elements such as new adjustable legs, a lighter weight body, interchangeable rails, snap-on belts, and a quick attachment pole, not to mention the new ‘smart cleaning kit.’ The two sets of rails available for SliderPLUS X means filmmakers have both 1.5ft and 3ft slide length options.

As the video above shows, the mobile app gives videographers mobile access to a wide range of features. Operators can, for example, lock the camera’s focus onto a specific object, and the Motion Kit will adjust the focus accordingly as the camera is moved along the slide. It’s also possible to set A and B points, choose how long of a duration and how fast of a speed the camera needs to move, and to convert a programmed set to a time lapse.

Both products are available now; the Motion Kit is priced at $2,699.99 USD and the SliderPLUS X is priced at $999.99 USD.

SOURCE: GlobalNewswire

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