Ectaco Jetbook Mini eReader Caught on Video

We fully admit that there are plenty of eReaders out there. So many, in fact, that it's bound to be possible that one slips under the radar, and completely blindsides us. Here's one story in particular. We just got a tip about one such eReader, called the Jetbook Mini, manufactured by Ectaco. And up until now, we didn't even know this little guy was out there, doing eReader things. But, here it is, caught on video, right there next to one of Sony's new readers.

When Sony unveiled their new line-up, there was plenty of video taken. But, when you want to compare it to another device, there's only a couple that come to mind that would make that comparison worthwhile. Not so for someone at one of the launch parties, apparently, because they just happened to have one of these Jetbook Minis in their possession. While the camera person goes through Sony's offering, the other person idly scrolls down their own digital page.

As far as details go, there aren't many. The Jetbook Mini apparently features a 5-inch display, and that's about it. We can see, though, in the video that there are some physical buttons, and what looks to be a four-directional keypad. So, probably not a touchscreen. As for anything else, we have absolutely no idea. We'll have to wait to hear about this eReader soon, hopefully.

[via Best-eReaders; thanks, Ben!]