eCoupled introduces what I’ve always dreamt of!

Staff Editor - Dec 30, 2006

ECoupled will introduce their wireless charging technology at CES, and Slashgear will be there! We will try to get pics and videos of the myserious new technology. eCoupled will users to charge all of their electronic appliances without wires.

I have dreamt of something like this for a while now. I always thought, “perhaps we could charge devices over bluetooth.” Now this is a possibility (not over Bluetooth, but wireless nonetheless) with eCoupled’s technology.

eCoupled’s site doesn’t have much info, just a press release and an email address, telling people to wait for CES, when the grand technology will be there for all to see. eCoupled is a subdivision of Fulton Innovation, and all the technology from eCoupled will be viewable at booth #68747 at Sands, at CES.

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