eBay to shutter some mobile apps and push folks to flagship eBay app

Over the years, eBay has rolled out a number of apps for mobile users aimed at making it easier to use specific services while on the go. Some of those apps include things like eBay Valet, eBay Fashion, and eBay Motors app. To help push users to the flagship eBay app the auction giant has announced that it will be retiring those three apps soon.

eBay says that Valet users will be able to get the same selling tools within the core eBay apps and Valet will be shuttered in the coming weeks. eBay Motors will be killed off later this year and the features found in the app will be offered in the main eBay app.

The eBay Now service in the US will also be killed off, including the local Brooklyn pilot service. The move to retire eBay Now as a service comes after the eBay Now app was retired last year. Many of the capabilities and participating merchants inventory were brought into the core mobile app at the time.

eBay says that it had good results with the eBay Now service; but that it always intended Now to be a pilot and it is now looking into new delivery and pick-up/drop-off programs that are relevant to more of the buyers and sellers using eBay. eBay does plan to continue to pilot scheduled delivery in the UK.