eBay to launch new personalized homepage tomorrow

eBay will be revamping its homepage tomorrow to give it more of a Pinterest-esque feel. This new design, while it looks very nice, will also spell trouble for your wallet. The new homepage will allow you to create a custom feed filled with your favorite interests, brands, and trends. Everytime you visit the eBay home page, new items will pop up that match your customized feed, leading to more temptation to buy things. The feed will also continuously update while you're shopping around on eBay.

This new look and feel was designed by eBay to help "personalize" its users' shopping experience. By allowing shoppers to create a list composed of the items they love, eBay believes it can offer a more personalized and helpful shopping experience. The new homepage does look a lot more attractive than the current eBay layout, which currently shows your recent searches, eBay's deals, and "popular on eBay" listings.

This new change will definitely help eBay in terms of revenue and profit, and it should make the eBay shopping experience more pleasant and fast-paced. The new homepage was tested with 10% of shoppers back in October, and it received a lot of positive feedback. eBay plans on launching a mobile app featuring the new look and feel sometime in the future.

That being said, you can actually begin customizing your eBay shopping feed right now. The feed creation wizard will guide you step-by-step through the process, starting with a list of items you have searched for in the past. You have to add 5 items to your list before you can view it. There is also an option to have updates from your list sent directly to your e-mail, which of course can result in you spending more money. Have fun shopping!

[via eBay]