Ebay: Halo Costume that has amazing detail

This costume has it all, there is a display model gun, basically there is only one half of it, there is a highly detailed helmet that you can see out the visor through, and the rest of the costume is there too. The entire list of pieces is as follows: gun, helmet, chest/back piece, shoulders, forearms, hand plates, Belt/Cod Piece/2 Belt pouches, Thighs, Shins, Ankles, Toe Plates, and Boots.

They guy selling it says this isn't one of the generic vacuum formed ones, its made of a hard Urethane plastic. He even goes as far as to say you could probably hammer a nail in with one of the forearm pieces.

This lad is 6'1" and it fits him, he says most of the pieces can be somewhat reshaped with the help of a heat gun. Right now its sitting at two grand. If you watch Spike TV, G4 TV, or Dell commercials, you have probably already seen the suit as it has apparently appeared in all three already. Good luck bidding.

Halo costume on eBay – insanely detailed [via boingboing]