Earth Aid - Giving the gift the a healthier Earth

I'll admit that I over use the lights a bit in my house and I leave the TV or the Radio on sometimes all night. Not only am I raising my electric bill to "a fortune" in the scheme of things I'm being wasteful and neglectful to sweet Mother Earth.

For people like me there's now a helpful gift/solution. You can buy a "first-aid" kit for the Earth in different packages depending on your living situation. There are dorm, apartment and home sizes ranging from $75-$100. Each kit would include items like thermostats, weather sensors, smart power strips, timers, fluorescent bulbs, LED night lights, low-flow shower head and pressure gauges.

These kits are made by Earth Aid Enterprises. They say that a family of three who uses the kit for one year could save $460 in energy bills and 7,442 pounds of carbon. With statistic like that, who wouldn't want one of these?

Gift For Mother Earth: First-Aid Kits [via Crave]