Early iOS 8 build shows advanced customization options

Nate Swanner - Jun 10, 2014
Early iOS 8 build shows advanced customization options

The promise of a new iOS brings the joy of customization, with several third-party keyboards already primed to launch. That customization may end up reaching into the settings as well. Code has been found in iOS 8 which offers up the ability to customize things we’ve not yet been able to, even though we’ve been asking for it.

Internal builds of iOS 8 shows code which relates to the customization of control center. Though already pretty good, the quick-launch settings tray could end up being nearly fully swappable. Via a series of switches, we’d be able to turn on/off features as needed.

So far, it seems that only the top row of buttons is affected. The only addition we see is personal hotspot, which is wonderful — but also a touch limited. It’s nice to be able to turn features on/off, but users will likely want the ability to add more options in, or customize the entire panel. This is, of course, an early build, and is likely to change ahead of the official launch.

As Developers get their hands on iOS 8, we start discovering more fun nuggets Apple didn’t get into at WWDC. In the fall, Apple will likely go into their changes in detail, perhaps building on the momentum they’ve started.

Source: Twitter

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