Earloomz Bluetooth headsets add style to functionality

Most of the Bluetooth headsets we see hit the market are very similar in design and style. They all tend to be black devices with designs leaning more to usability than how they look. Some users want a headset that looks good and suits their personality.

The Earloomz line of Bluetooth headsets have surfaced with a myriad of designs. The headsets have all sorts of artwork, flags, and music themed images that can be had on the outer housing of the headset. Under the fancy artwork, the Earloomz Bluetooth headset is your basic hands free device.

Bluetooth v2.1+EDR is supported and the device uses and internal rechargeable lithium polymer battery. It can be paired to two devices at once and has about 8 hours of talk time. Standby time is 120 hours and two ear hooks and three different ear buds are included. The Earloomz headsets sell for about $60 each and are available now.