EA exec Peter Moore says Origin will be perfected in two years

Ever since Electronic Arts launched its own digital download platform Origin, a competitor to Steam that has caused a lot of controversy among PC gamers. After all, EA pulled its new games from Steam and has created a more confusing market in the digital distribution community. EA is accepting the criticism and telling gamers to just wait.

The company's Peter Moore said in a recent interview that Origin right now is kind of like the beginning of Steam. He noted that when that platform first launched, "People didn't like it. You were obligated [to use Steam for downloadable games]." Of course, since then Steam has become almost as ubiquitous as any other game platform. It has even helped transcend operating systems, as the Mac and PC versions of Steam operate harmoniously with one another.

So even though Steam took a market that had no uniform standard and created a standard, Moore thinks that by coming in and breaking that standard, the reaction will be positive in the long run. "It's one of those things where I would ask give us 18 months to two years. And if we sit here two years from now, start looking at it then," he said. It would be nice if every new platform in the video game industry had the luxury of sitting around for two years before people started judging it. We'll be sure to reflect back on this in 2014.

[via Kotaku]