EA & DICE celebrate 10 years of Battlefield with free download of Battlefield 1942

EA and DICE have announced something special for fans of the Battlefield franchise. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the original Battlefield 1942, EA and DICE are giving away a free PC download the full version of Battlefield 1942. The game is available exclusively on Origin.com.

EA and DICE are also giving the game away at no cost to celebrate passing 2 million members globally since the launch of Battlefield 3 in June. It's hard to believe that the original Battlefield 1942 launched 10 years ago. EA says that Battlefield 3 has over 5.2 million active players each month.

EA is also offering up some information on Battlefield 3 since its launch in October of 2011. Since the game launched there have been 95 billion total heals performed in the game. EA says that there have been 4 billion total revives, and 3 billion vehicles destroyed.

Gamers have fired 2 trillion virtual bullets. EA is also talking a bit about the new map packs coming this year for Battlefield 3 Premium. The next map pack is Battlefield 3: Aftermath, which will launch in December for non-Premium players. Aftermath will bring new maps and new weapons, including a crossbow.