E-Matic MP3 Player takes photos

This is an interesting one. The E-Matic MP3 Player is no ordinary MP3 player and packs in a few extra features that really make it stand out. Like the ability to take photos, for example. 

This new MP3 player is your pretty standard fare. It's rather low-end but it does have an extra feature. It has a digital camera built in. This camera has 2-megapixels and can record video. It also features a 2.4-inch color screen. Built-in, is also 4GB of memory. You can share video files you record, MP3s and photos, too.

You can also add memory by means of a microSD slot, which makes putting content on and off of the player rather easy. Interestingly enough, the E-Matic MP3 Player only costs $60, which is really pretty good for all of those extra features.