E Ink's folding, note taking ereader looks like an e-paper Surface Duo

After seeing it earlier in the summer, we're checking back in with E Ink's folding, dual-screen ePaper display today. The model we saw back in June was clearly a very early prototype, with a less than stellar hinge and labels for non-existent buttons. It seems that E Ink has fixed many of those missing or unfinished features, but we probably won't see this exact device hit the market.

That's because, like most of the technologies E Ink develops, the end goal is to license this dual screen tech to other companies for use in their own products. Therefore, this is more of a proof of concept that shows what E Ink's flexible display can do, particularly when it comes to digital note taking.

For an update on how E Ink is progressing with its foldable device, we turn to Goodereader, which spent some hands-on time with the prototype. The differences between this prototype and the last one are pretty stark – for instance, the folding display actually has housing now, which is a pretty big upgrade all things considered. There are now navigation buttons running along the right side of the device, whereas before those buttons were absent.

Goodereader also draws attention to a new hinge that keeps the user from closing or opening the device too quickly. A light bar has been added to the top to simulate front lighting, and the display's note taking capabilities already seem to be ready for prime time. All unfolded, the display clocks in at 10.3 inches, making it quite a bit bigger than the ereaders we're used to seeing.

So, for now, it looks like E Ink continues to refine its prototype, though at this stage, it may be finished quite yet. Still, with the goal of licensing it to the big players in the ereader space, it might not be long before we see a folding device that not only acts as an ereader but also as a solution for digital note taking.