E-ink is hard at work on some awesome display capabilities

E-ink is one of the companies that helped to pioneer some of the tech that is used in all sorts of digital reader screens today. The company has been hard at work on new technology that will change the way eReaders are used. The typical E-ink and eReader screen today is black and white with levels of gray thrown in making them not particularly good for magazines that rely on glossy color images. E-ink was working on a cool color screen back in November of 2010 that we talked about.

Since that new screen surfaced last year, called Triton, we haven't heard a lot out of E-ink, but that doesn't mean the company has been resting on its laurels. The team has been hard at work and recently offered a glimpse at some demos of E-ink screens with technology that is available right now. All that needs to happen for the screens you are about to see to come to market is a company willing to pay the production costs.

The first video below is a SIRF screen that can be printed on cloth making it like a "living billboard." That screen has some limitations though. The main limitation is that the screen can't be used for eReaders and is suited to on/off style signs sort of like a high tech neon flashing sign. The cooler one is a screen that can be placed onto Tyvek cloth that is resistant to cuts and tears. The screen is flexible and very cool. A demo of the color screen is also offered below. The colors are still muted compared to what a LCD provides today.

[via the-digital-reader]