E Ink Carta display promises highest contrast and whitest display in the industry

E Ink has been making some the most popular digital paper screens on the market for a number of years. Screens from this company have turned up in many of the most popular digital readers around. E Ink has today unveiled its next-generation electronic ink display technology called Carta.

The Carta display promises to be the highest contrast ratio and whitest display in the industry. Carta uses a new electronic ink formulation and updated technology to offer users a 50% improvement in contrast ratio.

The new screen also promises a 20% improvement in reflectance compared to previous generations of E Ink displays. The result of these improvements is a significantly improved reading and viewing experience. E Ink says that while Carta uses the most advanced bistable electronic paper technology available, it still offers the low power consumption we've come to expect from E Ink displays.

The new display has also been tuned for reading applications that support E Ink Regal waveform technology. That technology reduces the need for full page refreshes after a few page turns providing the user with a smoother page turn and more focused reading experience. The first digital reader to use the new Carta display technology is the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.