Dysonics touts 3D audio with RAPPR app, RondoMotion sensor

JC Torres - Mar 12, 2015, 5:50 am CST
Dysonics touts 3D audio with RAPPR app, RondoMotion sensor

Since it seems that mobile display technology is starting to slow down a bit, with 2K screens on smartphones these days, developers, manufacturers, and even users are starting to turn their attention to the next area of immersive multiimedia experience: audio. Some, like Sony, are already banking on what is being billed hi-res quality, but sometimes higher quality just isn’t enough on mobile. There is still that distinct lack of “spatial audio” that you experience out in the open. And that is exactly the problem that Dysonics is trying to address with its RAPPR software and RondoMotion headphone sensor duo.

RAPPR is what Dysonics calls a “3D audio environment” software for Mac OS X. It basically tries to replicate the audio experience you would normally get if the music or sounds were playing in real world 3D space. In short, it mimics surround sound, but through your headphones. In fact, it can work with any headphones. Everything is done through software. This also means that RAPPR works with any audio app running on the Mac, from Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, and more.


Although RAPPR does work already by itself, for best results, Dysonics is recommending pairing it up with RondoMotion. This little black box is actually a motion sensor that attaches to any headphones, so again you won’t have to discard your favorite pair. What it does is to track your head movements and communicates with RAPPR in order to adjust the audio output to better “fake” 3D audio. So if you turn your head or move around, the sound doesn’t exactly follow you like would normally do with regular headphones.


RondoMotion went through a successful Kickstarter last year and is now offered at a retail price of $60. That said, while there is a RondoPlayer for Spotify app on iOS, it really works best when paired with RAPPR on a Mac. The software, however, isn’t free and a single license costs $15, $30 if you’re buying three. Together, however, there is a discount which will get you RondoMotion and RAPPR together at only $65.

SOURCE: Dysonics (RAPPR), (RondoMotion)

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