Dwell clock has no hands just sticks

Shane McGlaun - May 3, 2010, 7:36 am CDT
Dwell clock has no hands just sticks

I have seen a lot of strange wrist watches come across Yanko Design, but a strange wall clock is relatively rare. The new Dwell clock uses straight sticks that move to tell time.

In the center of the clock is a silver bar with windows on it. The time shows when the correct number printed on each stick aligns with the windowed bar. At 12:31 the clock is at its longest height of 438mm and its shortest height is 256mm.

I really like this design and as simple as it looks on the outside, the Dwell clock is surprisingly complex on the inside with gears and other stuff to make it work. Too bad it’s only a concept; I’d like one of these in my office.

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