DVDplay's promotion, rent Blu-Ray at a dollar

Honestly, I never heard of DVDplay before. A quick search at their web site reveals there are handfuls of DVDplay Kiosks at my local grocery stores. So the DVDplay is basically a movie rental Kiosk service and they have over 1400 stores nationwide. You can rent DVD by simply browse the titles at the screen and return it back within 24 hours for a small fee of $1 per rental. Nice! Now with Blu-Ray for a dollar is even better!

The $1 per rental is limited time promotion according to Home media Magazine. It starts tomorrow but no further information has disclosed when it would end.

I'm sucker when it comes to mail rental like Netflix, i like the idea of getting a fast and fresh rental when it comes to new releases; so I pay $37 per month for Blockbuster total access, but it is only good for per 3 rentals out at once. May be it is time I check out the movie Kiosk at grocery store. Selection may be limited, but save money in the long run.

[via electronichouse]