Dust off your old SD cards

Remember when SD cards fit into just about everything, your phone, camera, and pda? Me too, I've got more than a couple lying around just waiting to be used again. Too bad that mini-SD is the way to go these days.

The people over at Diatec got a great idea, since there are plenty of converters for mini-SD to SD, why not make one that does just the opposite? Why didn't anyone else think of that? Yes, I know, there is a bit of a size difference, so any converter is going to stick out a bit. This one is no exception.

With the converter hanging out the side, or top (back, front, or wherever) it is obvious that you're not going to want to store all of your contacts on your trusty SD card. However, it will make transferring those contacts to a new phone much easier. Also if you ran out of room on your mini-SD card and you still have a week left on vacation, you can just pop this little guy in and keep snapping away. If you happen to be in Japan in March, you'll be able to grab one for about $30.

SD to mini-SD: Diatec gets it right [via crunchgear]