Duracell Powermat unveils 24 Hour Power System

Wireless charging is still a cumbersome affair, requiring separate cases and adds-ons to make the magic happen. That's still a problem with Powermat's new products, but the company is trying to make things easier in remote locations with the Wireless Power Nation initiative. In addition to the new charging case and portable battery backup, the company will be integrating power mats into different locations.

The iPhone case, charging mat, and battery backup are part of the new 24 Hour Power System pack. The case, as you would imagine, easily fits on the iPhone and serves as the conduit for wireless power, needing to be placed down on the included mat. The battery backup, meanwhile, houses a small cell which will top up your phone when you're away from a power socket. It includes the 30-pin dock connector as well as a microUSB cable, and you can set it down on the mat to begin recharging just like the iPhone case. The whole system will cost $100 and is available starting from today.

Interestingly, Powermat is also trying to address the problem of charging while on the go without a wireless mat or battery pack to hand. The company will be installing mats into tables at locations such as Madison Square Garden, the Barclays Center, and Delta's Sky Club. That way you can naturally place the phone down on the tables and have them begin charging automatically without the need for cables. Powermat says that General Motors is also a partner, and the technology will be incorporated into the new 2013 Chevy Volt.

[via Engadget]