Duolingo is adding a Game of Thrones language course

The popular language-learning app Duolingo plans to add a new language course, one for the fantasy language High Valyrian from Game of Thrones. The course itself was created by David J. Peterson, a UC Berkeley alumnus who is also behind the show's Dothraki language. If you use Duolingo with the mobile apps, you'll have to wait a while before getting access to the course; those on desktop, though, can access a beta version of it now.

The course will no doubt appeal to hardcore fans who are staring down the barrel of the show's series finales. This won't be the first fantasy language to get a full fleshing out, obviously, with Tolkien's elven language perhaps being the best example. We've also seen online tools for fantasy languages, including multiple Klingon language translators.

Starting on Thursday, July 13, you'll be able to access the beta course through a desktop browser; it isn't clear when the iOS and Android versions of the course will be released, nor how thoroughly the language is being presented. We do know that the course includes some phrases that tie in series characters like Varys and Daenerys.

A look at the fantasy language's course status on Duolingo shows it at the beginning of 'Phase 2,' which is the beta release. The third phase will be its graduation from beta, which is when it'll hit the mobile apps. The course was created for English speakers; it doesn't seem likely the course will be created for the speakers of other languages.