Dungeon Hunter 4 expansion "Descending Depths" now available

The massively popular mobile game Dungeon Hunter 4 has received a new update bringing the expansion Descending Depths, and with it gamers are gifted with three new dungeons, as well as new features, additional gear, and all new bosses to take on. The game is available on both the App Store for iOS users and Google Play for Android users, with the update being available to download now. Excited? We've got all the update details, as well as a video of the expansion, after the jump.

With the expansion comes three new dungeons: Howling Canyon, The Dig Site, and Chapel of Whispers. With these, gamers will (in order) pass through to an excavation site ("The Dig Site") despite an onslaught of foes, and once they reach the dig site, they'll find crystals that are bringing the dead back to life. This leads to the third new dungeon, the Chapel of Whispers, where you'll need to "stop the [resurrection of] the undead".

Joining these three new dungeons are new demons to battle, among them being re-animated vipers, crystal lizards, and ghosts. These are small time enemies, however, with there also being two new bosses: the Crow, said to be evil, and Bone Golem, said to be brutal.

A new event type arrives with the expansion update, and it is called Burdens. Under Burdens, gamers will face increased challenges that bring bigger rewards, as well as new hex charms that "reduce the burden" a bit. Finally, gamers are presented with new armor and other goodies from the Chests of Fate.

SOURCE: Droid Gamers