Duet now links iOS mobile and Windows desktop fluidly

We don't all live in a contained operating system environment. Some of us have a tablet that runs different software than our phone, or even the desktop. For those users, Duet has introduced a new feature many didn't see coming (we sure didn't). Now, you can link your iPad to your Windows desktop, and use Duet to add a second screen to your experience. Duet now supports Windows 7 or Windows 8, and brings a full 60fps experience; so game on PC fans, or extend those videos to the small(er) screen.

If you're not familiar with Duet, it's simple. A hard-wired connection via your iPad or iPhone (which is weird unless you have the iPhone 6 Plus) and Mac offer up a second-screen, desktop-expanding experience. You retain the touch capacity of the mobile device, but an extended screen for your desktop.

Duet for Windows also doesn't have any clever workarounds; it's just like the iOS/OS X bridging scheme. You plug a USB-to-Lightning cable into your Windows desktop and iOS device, then open the app via Windows and on your iOS device. After a quick screen refresh, Duet takes over your tablet and away you go!

I like Duet for editing videos on the go, where the tablet can be used for viewing the video, leaving my desktop open for editing software. It's also nice for watching a movie you might have stored on the desktop while you work.

Source: Duet