Dude does donuts in tiny room in a Shelby Cobra

I happen to think that one of the coolest performance cars of all time was the Shelby Cobra from the 60's. I don't know if the Cobra in the video here is the real deal or if this is a clone. I suspect it's a clone considering what the real thing is worth. I would imagine most owners would not be so brazen as to do donuts in what appears to be a smallish living room or office. Then again most owners wouldn't be doing donuts indoors either.

The dude fires the car up inside the room and then proceeds to slip the clutch until he gets some spin going and then rotates the beast round the pillar in the middle of the room like a pro. This looks like something Vaughn Gittin Jr. would get up to only he would have a Hardee's Star jump out of the closet at some point.

I wonder if those left over tire marks will ever come off that floor. Honestly, if that were my home or office I would just leave the skid marks there with a photo on that pillar of me doing the donuts. That would be awesome. Check out the video below to see the action.

[via Jalopnik]