Dual Option Glasses - flip into the world of Jekyll and Hyde concept

Almost everyone I know wears glasses, including myself, so I can understand the appeal of Hyo-Jong Kim's design. Using hinges and pivots to "flip" the glasses into a new style is an ingenious idea. It turns one pair into two and that makes it a little nicer on the wallet.

At first glance I was puzzled as to how this concept would work. You don't get the same view from both sides of your lenses, but not to worry that was thought of. It isn't just the lenses that flip; the ear pieces flip too giving you a clear view of the world once more.

They're not on the market yet but will definitely be worth a closer look. Whether it's one for work, one for play or just a way to feel different once in a while this option friendly eye wear is sure to be a hit.

Like Jekyll and Hyde [Yanko Design]