DST came early this year, was pointless

I remember when they first announced that Daylight Savings Time was going to come three weeks early this year. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to remember to change all of my clocks and update my computers to sync with the changes. Oh, and all of my relatives' computers as well. The good thing is that it all paid off, we saved so much energy that it was all worthwhile.

Could you feel the sarcasm? I was trying to lay it on as thick as I could. The whole thing was a pain, a couple weeks after it happened I was still having people calling me asking why the clock on their PC was wrong. And to top it all off, the initial reports are saying that we saved little to no energy. I bet if they calculated the amount of energy that went into preparing for the change they'd find that we actually wasted energy.

This change was especially frustrating for me because I live in Indiana. If you weren't aware, last year the state decided that we should move off of Indiana time and switch to either CST or EST. Then they left it up to the individual counties to determine which timezone they wanted to be in. So now you can drive through 4 counties and change your clock 3 times. So it seems like I just got everyone's computers on the right timezone when they decided that they'd just start DST early. Well guys, I hope you're happy. Maybe now you can get back to working on things that actually matter. By the way we're still at war; you might want to look into that.

The Daylight Saving change: no savings, no point [via arstechnica]