DSLR gets wood control knob

Shane McGlaun - Oct 4, 2010
DSLR gets wood control knob

The last time I loaned anything to a friend, it was a netbook, which returned so full of spyware and viruses that I can’t even use it anymore. I would bet that many of us have loaned something to a friend and had it come back in a condition worse than it left in.

Such was the case when a dude over on Make loaned his DSLR to a pal to shoot some pics. The camera didn’t make it back on time apparently. The reason said camera borrower was late on the return was that he had somehow managed to lose the control knob.

Rather than just returning the camera sans knob (like all the people I know would have), the borrower set about carving and etching a wooden control wheel. The wood knob is cool even if a bit ghetto. Still at least the owner could use the camera until he could get a replacement knob.

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