Dropbox's iPhone app has been overhauled for iOS 9

Dropbox has announced an update for its iOS app, one that is spurred by the advent of iOS 9 and the upcoming arrival of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The new app brings a myriad of improvements over the last version, including a simplification that makes the overall use process more pleasant. One example is a new downward-facing arrow next to folders and files that, when tapped, pulls up an action menu.

Some name changes have taken place as part of this update — for example, "favorites" are now referred to as "offline files", and marking any file as such will make it available via the Offline Tab for those moments when Internet connectivity is spotty.

If you're using iOS 9, you'll get a pair of features that those running older versions of the OS won't see. Dropbox files will show up in Spotlight searches; tapping the file will open it within the Dropbox app. Tapping a Dropbox shared link in iOS 9 will also open it directly in the Dropbox app.

If you're using the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus phone with the new Dropbox app, you'll also find that it has 3D Touch support. Pressing onto the Dropbox icon will pull up a menu of quick actions to choose from; the 3D Touch support will also allow one to initiate a Peek into a folder (or file) using a light press. Pushing a bit harder will then take you fully into the folder.

The updated app is available now.

SOURCE: Dropbox Blog