Dropbox says files were safe during recent service issues

Dropbox has been experiencing some service interruptions over the last few days. The company announced yesterday that it was making progress on fixing the issues since the service went down on Friday. That outage was almost completely fixed as of Sunday afternoon according to Dropbox.

Dropbox says that as of Sunday afternoon over 99% of all users could access their files. However, Dropbox said that about 5% of those users were having issues synchronizing their files from the desktop client. Dropbox also said that about 20% of its users were still having issues using the mobile apps. The Dropbox iOS apps were recently upgraded.

The company promised that it was rolling out another change last night that would improve usability for the customers even further. Dropbox has stated that it was not hacked and all the user files were safe.

Dropbox said that the service interruption was due to issues with routine internal maintenance. One of the issues the service was having over the weekend had to do with the Photos tab on the website. Dropbox disabled that tab and told users they could access their files via the desktop client and files tab on the website.